Jonnah Diipali Glassman

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Denver, The North Side

Her Story
As a Denver Native I followed my passion for the outdoors and active lifestyle to Summit County two years ago to be an outdoor guide in Breckenridge. I was a solid city dweller until about 6 years ago when a friend gave me a snowboard that opened a door of possibilities to the great outdoors. Then came hiking, biking, backpacking, backcountry, peak bagging, climbing, trail running, road tripping adventure addicting…. and if you put them all together in one day or weekend, I’m the happiest tired human in the world. It’s like a drug.

Taking these hobbies up later in life than others has made me realize that we are never too old to learn new things or to do anything. As a child we try so many things without judgement of ourselves or the world around us. It didn’t matter if we were good or bad at something, everything brought us joy. Somewhere along life we lose this. It’s important to remember that childish joy of doing new things, not adulting to hard or taking life too seriously. That’s what being active in nature reminds me, the innocent happiness of setting your eyes on things and experiences for the first time.

I’m independent and crave freedom in life. I love how nature and adventure makes me feel alive, in the moment, and tests my limits both mentally and physically. It brings peace, and has helped me grow and learn about myself in a less judgemental environment. This lifestyle has empowered me to be a stronger advocate for myself in life, has helped me to define myself outside of a job, and given me self worth.

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Questionaire About This Badass Ambassador
What is your spirit animal?
A pillow sized ivory dragon that grew out of my Kefir culture

What’s your favorite food?
Tacos, so much variety…I could/do live off breakfast tacos

What is ONE word to describe yourself?

Why do you want to be a part of the Fly Rhino community?
The first time I read the About Us on the Fly Rhino website I literally got goose bumps, tears filled my eyes, and I started smiling. I loved every last word and felt it to my core! I’ve honestly learned almost everything I know about the outdoors from men. I have only recently started finding amazing soul sisters, though rare, it’s truly been an enriching experience to empower and push each other. The idea of inspiring a supportive community of grounded, strong, beautiful women, going against the status quo, makes my soul smile.


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May 31, 2017

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