Carly Jo


Eau Claire, WI

Her Story
I am Carly Jo. I am a sister to 3 brothers, artist, adventurer, and lover of all things alive – from the mountain goats to my mom and your aloe plant – they are fascinating to me. I believe in the daily reminder to not take things for granted and doing things that excite yet humble us. I am grateful for every day I get to spend on skis or in the water as they thrill and inspire most of my artwork. When I get to paint or work creatively, though, that is the most humbling and thrilling experience to me. There is a crave/sense of “wind in your hair” that I hope to experience daily, whether holding a newborn baby or sending a (small smile) cliff, hugging a stranger, learning how to change my own oil, or burning my hand working wood projects. It all makes you feel alive. That sense of feeling alive…that’s the gold right there

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Questionaire About This Badass Ambassador
What is your spirit animal?
Snow Leopard

What’s your favorite food?
ice cream cake

What is ONE word to describe yourself?

Why do you want to be a part of the Fly Rhino community?
Fly Rhino is such an inviting community for women to connect in a way that is totally different than dinners or happy hours… it’s a way of staying active and having fun. Life is way too short to be sittin’ on your toosh! I grew up with all brothers so having a solid group of girls to get to ski, bike and surf with means the absolute world to me. Fly Rhino is also so awesome at helping women learn new skills through adventures that they have never taken. There is an element of vulnerability when you are learning something new that forces you to lean on friends for help and give yourself grace in the process. How awesome is that! It is so important to be able to laugh at yourself, not take this crazy life too serious, and enjoy those awkward bambi moments as you turn up your metabolism a bit — these are the things that make me feel alive.


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May 31, 2017

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