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Fly Rhino is cultivating a community of active, like-minded woman pushing the limits, one adventure at a time. Together we can be a part of something much larger and transformative than any of us will experience individually.

adventures for women

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adventure for women

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Across the country we’ve curated a list of unique adventures just for you to try something new and push those boundaries. Some adventures are our favorite places and some are Fly Rhino events. Take a look!
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Wednesday Night Bike Rides

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with us

Wednesday Night Ride

come ride with us

Come out every other Wednesday night for a casual group ride. Trail will vary each week so there are new adventures to be had!
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Adventures & Trips Near You

we’ll give
you exactly that

Adventures & Trips Near You

we’ll give you exactly that

Whether you’re traveling, looking for wilderness escapes in new areas, or planning a trip around an adventure Fly Rhino has carefully curated a network of badass experiences near you.

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share an adventure

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So you have a place that you know other adventurous women? We want to know! We constantly strive to offer the ladies out there new and exciting things to try. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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Kind Words


Kind Words

customer testimonials

"Fly Rhino truly lives up to the meaning behind its brand name. The crew creates experiences that allow women to come together and 'fly'...to push boundaries, to bond, to create new friendships - all through adventures that challenge you physically and mentally. So while my Fly Rhino trucker hat is stylin' and one of my favorites, the essence of their brand truly lies in the hearts of the badass women behind it."

Dawn E. Nurse Practitioner

"Fly Rhino is an excellent way to bring like-minded adventurous women together and get out of their comfort zone while having a blast! I will certainly be a part of the next adventure and would recommend Michelle's events to women who want to get outside a little bit more or try new activities in a non competitive atmosphere."

Andrea S. Executive Director at Dear Jack Foundation


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